• Вт. Окт 20th, 2020

Useful live house plants

Авг 19, 2020

Beautiful fresh flowers are one of the best decorations for houses and apartments. Interest in artificial flowers, which decorated the house a few years ago, has passed, and bouquets of live plants, unfortunately, short-lived. The purchase of indoor plants for the house is an opportunity not only to make the interior of the house original, but also to significantly improve the microclimate in the premises.

You can buy indoor flowers in the USA today at any time, without leaving your comfortable chair.

If the right choice and location in the premises, indoor flowers will fill your home with home comfort, create a mood, improve your health and create a unique atmosphere. A beautiful flower will bring together the elements of the interior, enliven it, while exerting the most positive influence on the body of the owners.

Reasons to have live plants and flowers at home

Furniture and finishing materials emit toxic fumes into the indoor air. Dust and carbon dioxide accumulate in the rooms. And even airing the rooms only slightly improves the situation. Among the reasons to have indoor plants at home the main ones are the ability to:

-absorb carbon dioxide and saturate the air with oxygen;

-adjust the humidity level in the rooms, which allows you to avoid over-drying the air during the heating period;

-to absorb the generated electromagnetic radiation (household appliances, home appliances);

purify the air by killing germs and bacteria with phytoncides;

-plants have a positive effect on the human nervous system.

Depending on the wishes of the owners of houses and apartments, they can purchase and arrange plants themselves or order landscaping for the house. Qualified specialists of the company «Ukraflora» will create a unique project of gardening and plant placement according to all the rules of Floristics. It should be remembered that not only the health, development and beauty of flowers, but also the comfort of being in the premises depend on how well the house plants are placed.

Rules for placing home plants

Buying a home plant under the influence of impulse is an irresponsible step, since in most cases the owner of an apartment or house has to find a place for each plant to be placed. Before buying plants, you must first independently think about where to install the pot or seek advice from specialists. When selecting a location for placement of a household plant you must comply with the following rules:

-on the floor put single large plants;

-to the ceiling you can attach a hanging basket hanging garden hanging plant single plant;

-when choosing a location, keep in mind the shape of the plants, the need for moisture, heat and light.

-the background for the flower is selected based on the shade of the leaves and flowers. In most cases, the best background is a pastel – colored wall or a white windowsill. Drawing Wallpaper outlines of plants should not repeat;

-against the background of light furniture, plants with large bright leaves look great. Plants of light green color look perfect against the background of dark furniture.

When choosing plants for the house, you should give preference to useful indoor inhabitants.

Useful plants for the home

Home plants of various types have healing and useful properties that must be taken into account when choosing, in particular:

-geranium has the property of destroying harmful microbes and releasing substances with anti-stress effects;

-Nephrolepis or Boston ferns neutralize formaldehydes and carbon monoxide, eliminate harmful fumes and air pollution, and act as natural humidifiers. Plants are suitable for dark rooms;

-chlorophytums absorb toxins and harmful fumes (up to 90% in 2 days), get rid of bacteria and fungi, have bactericidal properties, bring comfort and peace to the house;

-English ivy cleanses the air from harmful pollutants, it is recommended to breed asthmatics;

-Myrtle tree is called the best plant for sleeping rooms due to its ability to secrete substances that facilitate breathing and relieve bronchial spasms;

l-emons and tangerines secrete essential oils that relieve stress and fatigue and calm the nervous system;

-dieffenbachia and dracaena quickly and efficiently clean the air from -pollution;

violet purifies the air and moisturizes it, acts on people calming, uplifting.

All these points need to pay close attention if you want to arrange your home with indoor plants.