• Вс. Окт 25th, 2020

Tile panels for the kitchen – a great option for a stylish design of the kitchen space.

Авг 22, 2020

Tile panels for kitchen

The kitchen for any home is one of the most important and visited places. Daily cooking, family meals together, gatherings with guests-everything happens in the kitchen and takes up most of the time spent in this space. Therefore, when you design it, you should give this room not only practicality, but also appropriate decor that will make the atmosphere comfortable, cozy and beautiful. Tile panels for the kitchen – an original form of wall decoration, which can transform the interior of the room beyond recognition.

The panel can also become an aesthetic reference point for the chosen style of the entire concept of kitchen design. An unusual element of modern decoration will look great both on the kitchen apron and near the dining table. Such a ceramic work of art can become the main decoration of a rather prosaic space.

Distinctive features of the tile panel

The main difference between panels and ordinary tiles is that the function of the panel carries the solution of the main design tasks: to make a decorating accent as a focal point, to set the style of the interior, to differentiate the cooking zone and the dining group. Harmonious and correct wall cladding with picturesque panels of tiles for the kitchen creates a memorable interior composition.

Usually, a ceramic panel is assembled from several tiles United by a single pattern or ornament, they can be of different sizes. Therefore, to calculate the total perimeter of the picture panel and its compliance with your design wishes, you must first make measurements of the wall on which the panel is supposed to be placed. This is especially true for the kitchen apron, since the space between the floor and mounted furniture modules is usually limited.

The online store «Keramtrade» constantly sells panels of tiles for the kitchen and offers a large selection of panels of different patterns and textures for both walls and apron, and for the floor. In our catalog, high-quality products from manufacturers in different countries. In addition, you will be pleased with loyal prices, discounts and bonuses.

Main properties and advantages of ceramic panels

The main functional properties of the panel of tiles do not differ from the usual tiles for the kitchen. The main effect of the panel is that it is the main element of decoration and primarily carries an aesthetic function. But, given the location, the panel always meets the requirements for tiles for the kitchen:

ecological compatibility;
strength and fire safety;
resistance of pigments to fading in the sun;
resistance to moisture and dirt;
biological inertia.

The sale of tile panels for the kitchen is carried out 7 days a week. For the convenience of customers, quick order processing and delivery in Moscow and the region. We send the goods to other cities of Russia by proven transport companies.