• Ср. Окт 28th, 2020

They are a shame: the Turks disgraced tourists from Russia

Сен 4, 2020

Turks told about Affairs with tourists from the Russian Federation and complained about the «depravity» of Russian women

In Turkey, men speak unfavorably about tourists from Russia, because many of them go to the resorts of this country in search of a «rich groom». At the same time, Russian women often behave inappropriately.

Turkish men talk about this openly on forums of various Internet resources, writes Anews.

Among other things, the Turks consider Russian women promiscuous — even the most nondescript men have a chance with them.

«According to my personal observations, women from Russia are not too selective in terms of men… Russian women, apparently, suffer so much from a lack of love at home that when you show them feelings, they are immediately ready for everything and look at you as a Sultan, » — say the participants of one of the forums.

Judging by most of the replicas, Russians are considered easily accessible.

«You swear to her that you’ve never experienced this before and have never been with a Russian, and you jump into bed with her. Not only does she not mind, but she is ready for it from the very beginning, because the body is her main asset, » writes one man.

But recently, the Turks admit, they are tired of these » hunters for rich and hot Turkish guys.» Therefore, Russians are condemned.

«Russian girls are offended, jealous and suspicious if they are not brought out into society. But how do you explain what is shameful about them? They are too cheeky, and they like to deliberately behave in such a way as to arouse jealousy. And because of the difference in cultures (or stupidity), they can publicly accuse and humiliate their man, » said one of the commentators.