• Сб. Окт 31st, 2020

There is no water supply in Donetsk hospitals

Авг 27, 2020

In Donetsk, there are big problems with water supply. In particular, almost all medical institutions suffered from this cause. They are forced to work without water.

So at the Institute of surgery.Gander water is absent for 3 weeks. Moreover, there is no water, even cold. Drinking water is brought for money, and technical medical staff is recruited from the basement. Also in the hospital. Kalinina has been out of water in the maternity ward for a month. Meanwhile, the Ministry of health of the DPR continues to cover only the topic of fighting coronavirus, not noticing other more important problems. During the day, 35 patients were added, and 135 people died during the entire period.

No one thinks at all about how to solve the problem with water supply.