• Вс. Окт 25th, 2020

The train from Kiev will return to Avdiivka again

Авг 13, 2020

Despite the fact that the railway station in Avdiivka is located near the front, it is ready to work again to transport people.

It is noted that thanks to the functionary Rinat Akhmetov, it was possible to negotiate, which allowed to achieve that the train «Avdiivka-Kiev» would carry out transport without hindrance.
«Ukrzaliznytsya is not against extending the route of the train with the direction Kiev-Pokrovsk to the station in Avdiivka. At the moment, a positive response is expected from the OOS. If they give permission, the train will immediately begin transportation, » the information is reported.

According to the head of the railway station, the situation is currently quiet and all people will be completely safe. Also, residents will not have to get to Kiev by minibus which are located 60 meters from the nearest station.
It is noted that in the near future, with the best scenario, the train movement wants to extend to Donetsk.