• Чт. Ноя 26th, 2020

«The other medicine» of Dr. Eugene Kosovo

Авг 26, 2020

Dr. Eugene Kosovo has created this amazing book «the Other medicine. The story of a doctor who saves those who have no one else to help.» This is a poignant first-hand account of our society, as well as of the most disadvantaged social group – homeless people.

Usually these people try to ignore and avoid, and the more valuable the behavior of a doctor who could not close his eyes to their problems. You can purchase this book through the online book store for 292 UAH.

The author and his story
Gratuitous assistance to those who have fallen out of active life on the sidelines today is not in honor and the more admired by the people who provide it, despite the meagre funding and bureaucratic obstacles.
Yevgeny Kosovskikh was inspired by the work of Elizaveta Glinka – Doctor Lisa during his internship in a normal hospital and decided that poor people deserve to help and support them. He created the «Other medicine» help center for the homeless, and the book is based on real events from practice and people’s stories.

What the book is about

A living story that tells about all the vicissitudes of the real work of a doctor, written in clear language and able to respond with sympathy in the soul of any person. The author touched upon a whole layer of problems that lie in the plane of human relations in our society. All the characters and the circumstances in which they find themselves as events unfold are carefully thought out by the author.

Even details describing situations do not load the text, and the entire work is easy to read.

The environment in which the characters of the book Another medicine by Yevgeny Kosovskikh live is very organic and familiar to every reader, which maintains interest throughout the entire reading of the book. The author has managed to bring together the inner tossing of the characters and the events that are taking place so that a very authentic and intriguing narrative turns out. In the end, as usual, all the riddles are solved, and the reader will be rewarded for being present in the process of understanding the novel.

Relevance of the problem

A homeless person is a person with no fixed place of residence. This word has become almost a household name and an expletive. Unfortunately, in our country, people can end up on the street for a variety of reasons, and anyone can get this label.

The main problem of people living on the street is often the almost complete inability to restore documents, if they are lost and a person finds himself in a helpless situation without a job, housing, money. The police and the state in the face of social protection are in no hurry to help such people, considering them hopeless, and the civilian population simply shies away from them, given their often extremely neglected appearance.
«Other medicine» is engaged in saving the lives of these people simply because you can not leave the infirm in trouble. In developed countries, the problem of homelessness is quite acute, and the state is simply obliged to help those who have stumbled at some point, but can still rise. Buy the book Other medicine can be delivered to localities in Ukraine. Transportation time is 1-4 days.