• Вс. Окт 25th, 2020

The OSCE mission in the Donbass denies the coronavirus in its employee

Авг 20, 2020

Recently it became known that among the members of the OSCE Mission there is a person infected with a coronavirus infection. This information is denied by the OSCE representatives.

The fact is that this person according to the SMM Protocol, which dictates the rules of movement across the demarcation line, was forced to stay in self-isolation for two weeks, then pass a PCR test in order to get to the territory of the LPR. It is noted that the test result was negative, which means that the OSCE employee is not ill. Then their employee was transferred to the controlled territory in connection with which he again passed an Express test, which also showed a negative result.

So, the information that allegedly the OSCE employee had a coronavirus but the first test was negative, and after two weeks of being in the » LPR » it became positive is not true.