• Вс. Окт 25th, 2020

The leader of the «MGB» of the DPR, nicknamed bison, has died

Сен 4, 2020

This person is famous for the fact that most people died because of him. In 2014, in Slavyansk under Girkin, he was the «executioner», so he was described on Radio Liberty.

The death of the bison was announced by Necro Mancer, a blogger who collects a catalog of dead occupiers. «Zyubanov Alexander Viktorovich died at night with 3 on 4 September 2020g. He was born in 1975 in Pavlograd.» It is noted that in one of the Newspapers there is information that his son continues to fight in the ranks of the ARMY. As it turned out, they were fighting against each other. Zyubanov was one of the leaders of the MGB.

It is also noted that in the database «Peacekeeper», he is listed as»executioner».