• Пт. Окт 30th, 2020

Search for a good trading platform

Авг 22, 2020

Forex is the most popular market, with a budget of about $ 6 trillion per year. Due to the lack of a Central market, traders must use brokers to trade. These are companies that offer platforms for buying and selling any currency. Depending on the correct decision, it depends on whether the trader will be successful.

How to find a broker

The easiest way is to study the rating of Forex brokers 2020. It is formed taking into account various parameters:

having a prestigious license and regulator;
support for Russian language;
experience in the market;
geographies of audience coverage.

Publications in reputable mass media and awards are taken into account. Reliable brokers have a well-established mechanism for withdrawing funds from a trading account. Solid Forex brokers do not charge a Commission for withdrawing money from a trading account, but this does not exclude the need to pay for interbank transactions.

With more detailed acquaintance, the emphasis is placed directly on the site itself. The most popular ones are those where there is a wide method of entering or withdrawing funds, a loyalty program and free training. The emphasis is also on the convenience of the interface. For example, learn how convenient the dollar-ruble exchange rate chart is, and whether it is easy to find the necessary indicators or news.

For many, the minimum Deposit is important. This is especially true when there is a limited budget or the trader wants to test the broker.

What to focus on

Study the dollar-to-ruble chart. Remember that each currency pair has its own characteristics. The emphasis is on volatility (the range of fluctuations in a certain period). In accordance with this, some pairs are traded in a narrow range, without pronounced fluctuations, while others-on the contrary.

Another indicator is the time of greatest activity. Each pair is active at a certain time. You may notice that the exchange rate values differ from site to site. This is due to the translation of values in real time.

On some sites, quotes are updated with a delay of up to 15 minutes. You can study the graphs to determine how accurate the information is. This will also help you track the correlation of currency pairs, when the movement of some leads to small time lags of others.

Note that the rating brokers do not only display courses without delay, but also help the trader. To do this, they offer reviews and Analytics from professionals, forecasts and latest news.