• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

School year in Severodonetsk children will meet without school lines

Сен 1, 2020

School from September 1 will not be the same as usual. Special new rules are being introduced for children and school staff.

So on September 1, there will be no traditional holiday line-up. But at the same time, students will be allowed to sit at their desks. When entering the school, absolutely all children and teachers will perform a temperature measurement procedure. There will also be disinfection facilities in the classrooms. Students are not allowed to go to specialized classrooms. All lessons will be held in one class. Teachers will come to the children themselves. Meals in the canteens will also be temporarily unavailable. Children will take their meals with them from home.

Such measures are temporary and the authorities promise that the school will start working normally in October.