• Пт. Окт 30th, 2020

Restoring the Kingston flash drive. Briefly about the main thing

Авг 22, 2020

The era of analog data transmission has surely sunk into oblivion. Today, vast amounts of data can be transmitted over the Internet. If we talk about a more modest volume, flash drives are traditionally one of the most rational ways to store files. Kingston products are a popular brand among them. A wide user appreciates them for their reliability, concise appearance and affordable price. At the same time, Kingston flash drives, like any other devices of this type, have their own working life and are not insured against breakdowns. Among the possible problems, the most common situation is when the computer does not see the flash drive. Our company will quickly and professionally help you find a way out of this situation. For more than 10 years, we have been successfully recovering data from Kingston flash drives and other similar devices. Professional equipment, skills and experience of masters-a combination that allows any problem to be solved efficiently and for acceptable money for the client.

Restoring a Kingston flash drive

Direct cooperation is the key to success

Let’s be honest – most of those who offer recovery of the Kingston flash drive are intermediaries. These same people then turn to our masters, «finishing» their 25-30% of the cost of the service. As a result, although the client gets a high-quality service, but frankly overpays for it. We work directly with the customer, and this is also important from the point of view that we can discuss all the nuances of the process in direct contact if necessary.

As already mentioned, the most common problem with flash drives in principle and Kingston products in particular is the situation when they are not determined by the PC. In such cases, the problem most often lies in a failure on the part of the head controller, or wear of memory chips. Successful file recovery at this level is not possible without special licensed utilities and technical equipment. Our laboratory specialists know how the controller firmware of a particular model works and can read the necessary information from them if necessary, without damaging the memory cells. Below is a brief procedure for restoring files:

Extracting MS of memory from a non-working media;
Subtracting elements in dumps using the APK (most often our masters use the universal programmer PC-3000 Flash);
Troubleshooting of faults at the level of memory;
Simulation of controller actions using special programs (a complex step-by-step process).

We described each operation in more detail in the corresponding section of the site. Let’s clarify, however, that even the most extensive cases, in which everything is laid out on the shelves, are not always able to implement an ordinary user. This is especially true for the fourth specified stage-emulation. At this stage, the wizard must constantly monitor the correct execution of functions and make sure that the utilities do not fail. Entrust the work to professionals, and we guarantee you successful data recovery.