• Пт. Окт 30th, 2020

Residents of Luhansk were told about the rules for assigning an age pension

Авг 26, 2020

Representatives of the LPR PF told about when and how exactly citizens will be able to receive an age pension.

In accordance with the existing legislation, the age pension will be calculated for women from 55 years and for men from 60 years. In this case, a mandatory condition is the presence of insurance experience, which must be at least 15 years worked. If there is no experience, then this situation is suggested to be corrected. To do this, you need to sign a contract on mandatory state pension insurance, which will make up for the length of service that was not enough.

For those who do not have any work experience, it was not discussed, all additional information citizens can get personally by contacting the PF or by phone number 50-81-82.