• Ср. Окт 28th, 2020

Received approval from the military to launch the train Kiev-Avdiivka

Авг 31, 2020

The launch of the trip Kiev-Avdiivka will already happen in the near future. The curator of the case, M. Magomedov, announced successful negotiations with representatives of the armed forces of Ukraine.

It is noted that Magomedov received approval for the launch of a passenger train from Kravchenko. It is noted that an official letter with permission will be sent tomorrow. But there is still doubt that the Russian Railways will not allow a passenger train, as they are interested in another direction.

But the permission letter to Ukrzaliznytsya will come tomorrow that the railway connection is being restored. There are no more bans on starting a train to Avdiivka. People are happy about this event.