• Пн. Окт 26th, 2020

Propagandist Solovyov was shown a penis on the air. Video

Авг 18, 2020

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, during a live broadcast of «Evening with Solovyov», which was broadcast on his YouTube channel, included a worker from the BelAZ factory in his stream and asked him to tell what was happening there. In response, the worker showed his penis to the camera.

«Are you from the legendary BelAZ? Tell us what’s going on,» Solovyov said.

«I’ll tell you now,» replied a worker named Anatoly and showed his penis.

«Clearly. Handsome! Well done! Here you can see how. Well done, well shown. The only thing I can say is that BelAZ will have more. Anatoly, can you show me anything else? Funny. And by the way, note: he didn’t even paint himself red and white. But now we can see exactly what BelAZ was covered with, and once it could have worked,» Solovyov commented.

The incident was noticed by Russian journalist Oleg Kashin, who published a fragment of the broadcast on his Facebook page. «It happens,» he said.

Be careful: the video shows naked body parts.
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