• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

People with positive tests for COVID-19 are allowed to go home in Khartsyzsk

Авг 27, 2020

Despite the fact that patients who arrived for treatment at the Observatory have a positive result for a coronavirus infection, they are discharged home. This situation is observed in Khartsyzsk, no one treats anyone.

It is noted that those residents who enter through the Olenevka CPVV and enter the territory of the Observatory even with positive tests for COVID-19 are sent home. Eyewitnesses of these events report that they personally saw 16 patients with positive results discharged home. Many also write in advance without waiting for the results of the analysis, and writing a gag. At the same time, as if for reinsurance, they note that some patients are sent to the hospital in Makeyevka for treatment.

At this rate, the infection will continue to spread and thrive, people are shocked by this attitude to patients, and there is no one to complain.