• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

ORDO tightened requirements for housing and utilities services

Авг 27, 2020

Debtors will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of housing and utilities. So under the new decree of the head of the DPR, all those who have at least some small debts will be immediately disconnected from receiving housing and utilities services.

In addition to disabling services, residents will be forced to pay out monetary payments. Previously, this procedure was impossible due to the coronavirus, but at the moment, measures to combat housing debtors are being resumed. So we remind that during the period of coronavirus infection, 2360 infected people were identified. Of these, 130 people were fatally injured. It is noted that at the moment the picture with the infection is not better and about 40 new patients are detected per day, but despite this, restrictive quarantine measures are not yet introduced.

Residents of ORDO are not able to repay housing due to the devastation and due to delays in wages. At the same time, the occupiers note that at the moment, housing and utilities tariffs do not correspond to profitability and it is planned to raise tariffs from the beginning of autumn. How people will pay for these services is not clear, most likely I will live without light, heat and water.