• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

On KPVV, a whole team of scammers got divorced – they deceive old people

Авг 20, 2020

At the checkpoint «Stanitsa-Luganskaya» organized a whole team of scammers. Mostly they only deal with old people.

This is how young people approach old people and introduce themselves as volunteers. They claim that they are allegedly helping them to set up their phone and install the «act at home» mobile app. Then they explain that the border guards will not let them pass because this service must be paid for. Next, they offer to buy a phone from them, since the phones of old people are already outdated and it is impossible to install a «vital» application on them.

Taking advantage of the fact that the old people do not understand all these schemes, they take their phones and block the SIM cards. In order for it to start working again, they explain that it needs to be replaced and immediately offer to buy a SIM card, the price is increased.

While the scammers continue their activities, and the police allegedly have not yet reached them.