• Пт. Окт 23rd, 2020

Near Donetsk and Horlivka again explosions

Авг 17, 2020

For August 16, the speaker of the United forces Ya. Zorina said that for the first 7 hours, the situation was quiet in the Donbass.

But local residents refute such data and say that they heard the sounds of explosions near the line of demarcation: «Wow, how» the truce «explodes», «somewhere rumbles», «Booming I think everyone can hear».

At the same time, in her defense, the speaker said that such «bumping» is not always an indicator of military actions. Perhaps people have heard how some exercises are being conducted, or the explosion of ammunition is not needed, and mine clearance is being carried out. Local residents do not believe in such excuses and are sure that the fighting continues.