• Вт. Окт 20th, 2020

5 new cases of COVID-19 were detected in Luhansk region

Авг 21, 2020

The next new cases of those infected with coronavirus were identified in the Luhansk region. So for a day from the center for laboratory research reported 5 infected.

Among those who are residents of Severodonetsk, Novopskov district, and Landmark. Some patients arrived from the territory of the Russian Federation with signs of pneumonia, and 2 persons had previously had contact with sick persons. All of them are undergoing treatment, and some are in self-isolation.

In total, 206 people were infected during the entire period. Only 140 patients were cured. At the moment, 65 infected individuals are being treated. It is noted that the picture in the Donetsk region is not better, here 2 people died from coronavirus in a day. During the day, 13 more people were infected.