• Вт. Окт 27th, 2020

Medvedchuk party spoke out about the beating of activists in Mariupol

Авг 18, 2020

The ruling members of the Luhansk and Donetsk RSA led to the fact that their rules threaten the lives of citizens, as well as violate the constitutional order of Ukraine. In connection with such events, representatives of the party «For life» demand to remove P. Kirilenko and S. Gaidai from their positions.

It is noted that these individuals praise and are on the side of criminal groups and Express unconstitutional positions. They do not want to hold elections in these areas. The majority of people in the OTG agreed with this position of the party. So in Mariupol, a huge number of signatures were collected in a couple of hours. But the activists were overwhelmed by masked representatives. They ran to the tents, fired tear gas and destroyed everything around them, as well as destroyed leaflets with signatures. Six brave men were severely beaten.

Such an attack on activists is considered a direct indication of the criminality of the actions of the authorities of the Donetsk RSA and Luhansk RSA. Appointed heads of these regions by the President himself are now the first threat to local residents.