• Чт. Ноя 26th, 2020

LNR reported on how full-time training will be held in schools

Авг 17, 2020

From the Minister of education of the LPR S. Tsemkalo, it became known that the educational process will not be modified in any way. Children will come to school as usual on September 1 for a solemn line, and then begin classes in the usual mode. At the same time, it is noted that students will not be forced to wear masks as in lessons.

Children will be forced to wear masks only when communicating in the corridors and during breaks. Also, another innovation due to the quarantine will be that children will not move to different offices. The entire learning process will take place in one classroom for each class. Still, physical education classes will have to be attended in the gym. The rest of the teachers will move around the classrooms themselves.

The Minister said that at the moment, schools are ready to accept children by 80%. Taka also noticed that the canteens will work.