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Interior doors to order in Kiev

Авг 22, 2020

An interior door is not only a functional element in a room, it is also part of the decor of the room. Therefore, the door leaf must be reliable, strong and have an attractive appearance. Today, designers create non-standard interior solutions, and door designs are no exception. Dorum interior door store in Kiev will produce a structure of any size and design, quickly and efficiently.

Select the door leaf in the room

As with the choice of building materials, equipment and other goods, the choice of doors to the room should be approached with full responsibility. We use them constantly throughout the day, and the slightest inconvenience will cause discomfort.

Having produced and installed more than one hundred canvases, the specialists of the Dorum store recommend considering the following points:

Material. Doors are made of solid wood, chipboard, MDF, using veneer, plastic and glass. Today, MDF boards are the best option. They are resistant to moisture, fungus and mechanical damage.
Style. The color scheme of the canvas should not stand out from the overall interior. The Dorum website has a special app for viewing purchases in the interior.

Size is an important parameter that many people neglect. It is inconvenient to open a canvas that is too large. A smaller opening will also cause inconvenience, for example, it will be difficult to bring in furniture.
Price. Decide in what price category you want to buy interior doors in Kiev.
In General, the door design should be comfortable, strong, withstand moisture and mechanical influences, then it will please you for a long time. The quality of fittings also matters: it must be reliable and durable.

Buy interior doors in Kiev

Dorum is a factory and store of interior doors. The company works only with reliable and proven suppliers: Kronospan, Egger, ILVA Polimeri. Here you will be made any design (Roto-doors, arched, hidden, swing and sliding) according to your parameters and sketches. You also choose the color, pattern, and glazing. Using a high-precision milling machine allows you to create a drawing of any complexity. For the finish coating, the company uses PVC film produced in South Korea and the United States, which realistically imitates natural wood and protects the structure from moisture and UV light.

Dorum door designs are quality at a reasonable price. If you need a good door, order from Dorum or come to the showroom. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality.