• Сб. Окт 31st, 2020

In the southern part of Lisichansk, water disappeared: what happened

Авг 21, 2020

In Lisichansk in the southern part, residents were left without water supply. The taps had been empty since morning.

This situation, according to the housing Department, happened because of an accident at the pumping station. As a result, the southern regions will be without water supply for some time until all problems are resolved. It is noted that the work to eliminate the emergency consequences has already begun. In «Lisichanskvodokanal» said that the water is planned to be supplied from tomorrow.

Note that the data may be inaccurate, because not so long ago, a multi-storey building in Lisichansk lost water for a whole week. We also note that more than 2 million UAH was allocated to support the water utility.