• Ср. Окт 28th, 2020

In the LPR will increase tariffs for water and electricity

Авг 17, 2020

Recently it was reported that the residents of the LPR expect an increase in wages, but we do not have to be happy. The authorities decided that in connection with the increase in wages, it is necessary to raise the price of utilities.

The increase in tariffs was planned for a long time, but everything was delayed. It is expected that prices will start to rise gradually from the autumn. So it is planned to raise prices for absolutely everything: rent, water, light, gas and heating. While the people of China are upset, the people of the DPR look at it all with fear, because in theory they are next in line.

It is noted that the most significant increase will be the heating tariff. Many people are sure that the new tariffs will not cover everything, and especially in winter you will have to freeze or starve.