• Вс. Окт 25th, 2020

In Stanytsia Luhanska residents want to evacuate because of fires

Сен 4, 2020

There is still a fire near Stanytsia Luhanska. People on Shevchenko street and Moscow-Donbass suffer from the strongest smoke. They have already been warned to prepare for evacuation.

The outskirts of Stanytsia Luhanska are very much affected by the fire. People were offered temporary accommodation on the territory of the district hospital. The fire has already completely destroyed empty houses and ruins after the war. The fire is located 200 meters from the demarcation line. People are already preparing for a possible evacuation, which the police say in a megaphone from cars when bypassing the streets.

So at the moment, a fire-dangerous situation has been declared in Stanichno-Luhansk and Novoaydarsky districts. At the moment, no casualties were reported due to the fires.