• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

In Slavyansk, because of the coronavirus, the maternity hospital does not work

Авг 20, 2020

Where should women in labor go? In Slavyansk, the maternity hospital Department was abruptly closed. This situation occurred due to the fact that one of the employees was found to have a coronavirus. This was stated by the head of health M. Porokhnyak.

At the moment, the infected person remains in self-isolation. His condition is satisfactory. All necessary measures were taken to identify the contact circle of the infected person. He is under the supervision of a doctor. Also, the patients who were in contact with him were included in the contact list, which was passed to the sanepidemstantsiyu.

The rest of the women in labor are transferred to Kramatorsk, and those who are not yet ready to give birth are sent home.