• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

In Severodonetsk, the Director of a utility company received a fine for a conflict of interest

Авг 15, 2020

The Prosecutor’s office in the Luhansk region reports that one of the officials belonging to public utilities is subject to administrative punishment.

Such actions are related to the fact that the official was seen in corrupt activities. It turned out that the company had a conflict of interest. The head decided not to inform anyone and in particular did not warn the Severodonetsk city Council about changes in personnel. Thus, he decided to appoint his relative to the position of the company’s head. At the same time, he set an additional surcharge for her for allegedly overworking her watch.

As a result, the official was found guilty of committing an administrative offense for such actions, and the case was transferred to the court. The verdict in the form of a fine, which amounted to 3400 hryvnia.