• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

In Makeyevka terrible fires destroyed 10 houses, there are victims

Сен 4, 2020

Large-scale fires occurred in the occupied territories in the Sovetsky district. As a result of the incident, a lot of residential buildings and people were affected. Two people are reported to have died. This was personally stated by D. Pushilin.

The most severe fires were observed in Shakhtersky, novoazovsky district, as well as on the border of Makeyevka. As a result of the fires in Makeyevka, 9 houses were completely destroyed by fire. 2 people were killed. It is also allegedly reported about one injured child, who received multiple burns and is now in the hospital. Firefighters do not have time to cope with the fire.

Residents note that the fires continue and they are already ready for another outbreak. People are trying to cope with the fire on their own, because firefighters are not able to stop the flames in time, so that a large-scale disaster does not happen.