• Сб. Окт 31st, 2020

In Luhansk, doctors are fleeing hospitals because of the coronavirus

Авг 29, 2020

Doctors don’t want to work in such conditions. In Luhansk, more than three doctors have already left the hospital number 4 of their intensive care unit, and the dismissals do not end there.

Blogger «hochu domoy v ua» says that doctors do not run away for nothing, because they are not provided with proper working conditions. It is noted that there are no personal protective equipment, no special protective suits. Doctors have to buy everything at their own expense, despite the fact that they are in contact with coronavirus patients.

In OREL, 655 patients were registered, many were cured, but there are 17 fatalities. The picture continues to flourish, so about 30-40 new cases are identified per day. At the same time, terrorists constantly emphasize that the alleged coronavirus is imported from free territories. They do not care at all about who will treat the patients and how. After all, with such conditions, doctors will all run away.