• Пн. Окт 26th, 2020

In Kharkiv, the Ferris wheel will be destroyed

Авг 21, 2020

There will no longer be Ferris wheels on the territory of Saltovka in victory Park. It is noted that its destruction has already begun.

So at the moment, the booths have already been removed, and then the entire structure will be dismantled. For what reason they decided to remove the attraction and what will happen to it further is not yet reported. Note that at the moment, the Park is undergoing reconstruction. Here new benches are installed, paths and alleys are changed. There will also be playgrounds, urban parks, toilets and other recreation areas.

The opening of the first alley will take place this weekend. It is noted that most likely the new Ferris wheel will not be here, perhaps it will be installed on another territory or completely exclude this possibility.