• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

In Gorlovka, medical workers salaries were reduced

Авг 28, 2020

Doctors will soon refuse to work for such a salary. It is known that the salary of a doctor on the territory of Gorlovka is already very small. Medics mostly survived on allowances and bonuses, but now that too has been cut.

It is noted that doctors will no longer be paid any extra charges. This decision was made by the authorities of the «DPR». Taking this into account, payments to doctors will decrease by as much as 15%. Medical workers are very outraged by this decision, because their work is not valued at all.

Employees of hospital 2 have already felt the full charm of cutting allowances. Doctors say that they will be forced to leave with such salaries. At the same time, no one gives any clear justification for why allowances will not be paid and why doctors do not raise wages. After all, they are now very much risking their health during the period of coronavirus infection, saving the lives of others.