• Ср. Окт 28th, 2020

In Donetsk, drunk members of the » DNR » killed a young man

Авг 22, 2020

It is noted that on the territory of occupied Donetsk there was an accident that led to the death of a young guy.

On the» UAZ «in the evening moved representatives of the «DPR» they were under alcohol as a result of which, for some unknown reason, they hit a young man who was crossing the road. He suffered severe injuries to his skull and hip joint. He was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately the doctors could not save the guy. He died the next morning.

Local blogger reports that apparently no one will be accused of the death of the guy and the » DNR » will remain unpunished. They are already beginning to negotiate with the «Ministry of internal Affairs», and the media do not say anything about this tragedy and are silent about what happened.