• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

In Donetsk, chestnuts were cut down, now there will be a private market

Авг 27, 2020

In front of the bus station «Center» parkland mercilessly cut down. Now on this territory, instead of huge chestnuts, there will be a private market.

It turned out that this idea is the work of V. Skorokhodov, who is close in spirit to D. Pushilin. It is noted that he has already furnished all Makeyevka with his stalls, and now he has moved to the territory of Donetsk and wants to set up his selling points here. Now the territory of the Park is fenced with a high fence and most of the trees have already been cut down.

It is noted that the so-called private market is built from all sorts of junk. Old rusty poles are simply painted and installed as pavilions. Most likely, Skorokhodov will not stop at one market.