• Вс. Окт 25th, 2020

How much does it cost for Luhansk residents to send a child to school

Авг 13, 2020

The first of September is waiting for students very soon. But not only they will have to prepare, but also parents in advance. How much will the parents have to pay to ensure that the child is fully ready for the new school year?

Journalists surveyed markets and stores and calculated the approximate amount of such pleasure.

So speaking of clothing, there is no uniform school uniform in Luhansk, but still children must adhere to the dress code. So it will cost at least 3185 UAH to send a girl to school, but if parents have a budget, then you can dress a girl for 14 thousand UAH as much as possible. Clothing for the boy will cost 3980 UAH. and the maximum amount of fees will be 15 thousand UAH.

Then you can not do without a backpack, its price ranges from 400 to 4950 UAH. After calculating the entire office, the average price will have to spend 1205 UAH.

Summing up all the parameters, we come to the conclusion that to collect a first-grader to school, you will need from 5295 UAH to 20305 UAH. Collect the boy to school was more expensive from 6090 UAH. to 21147grn.