• Пт. Окт 30th, 2020

Gaidai: large-scale road repairs are nearing completion in Luhansk region

Авг 17, 2020

Plans for road repairs are already in place. So it is noted that in 10 days repair work will begin on the highway from Starobilsk and to Novoaydar, and then the section from Severodonetsk and to Gold will follow. In addition, it is reported that repair work is planned for the bridge located in Lisichansk.

For such purposes, Gaidai said that he had to make a deal with the World Bank. The planned targets for the repair of the Severodonetsk — Svatovo — Starobilsk road will be fully completed in 2021. At the moment, the task is to repair the bridge. If all goes well, the bypass road through Lisichansk will allow trucks to move along a short path without damaging the city roadway.

According to Gaidai, the beginning of the repair will be laid in the Chalk and it will pass to Starobilsk, and then from Troitsky and the repair will be completed in Rubezhnoye.