• Пн. Окт 26th, 2020

From September 1 in the LPR increase tariffs for housing and utilities services

Авг 26, 2020

September brought an increase in utility tariffs for residents of the LPR territory.

It is reported that the maximum amount was set for raising all fares. But the authorities allegedly say that they have set a threshold for increasing housing services, which looks like this: no more than 35% more expensive to maintain homes, no more than 40% higher payment for water supply and no more than 30% higher payment for heat provided.

Moreover, the representative of housing and communal services T. Buryak said that the price increase will be included gradually and in September, for example, payment for a 2-room apartment for housing and communal services will rise only by 10-15%. Whether such a planned trend in price increases will please residents is not known. After all, not all employees are even paid their salaries on time, as no one thinks about paying such utilities…