• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

Elenovka CPVV will be opened for movement on September 4

Сен 4, 2020

The headquarters that controls the situation with the import of coronavirus infection said that the checkpoint «Elenovka» will be temporarily opened for departure and entry on September 4.

KPVV will work from 09: 00 to 18: 00. And not everyone will be able to cross it, as there are a number of rules and restrictions. In order to pass through the CPVV, you must:

  1. At the entrance have permission from the staff.
  2. when leaving, you must have a residence permit on the territory of Ukraine or on the territory of the DPR.
    All those who will enter the territory at the entrance will be subject to a two-week observation. It is noted that the observation is carried out at the expense of government representatives.

About further days of work of KPVV «Elenovka» will be reported additionally.