• Вт. Окт 27th, 2020

«DPR authorities» profit from non-functioning roadblocks

Авг 31, 2020

Denis Pushilin said that the opening of checkpoints is not expected, they will not work. After such statements, people decided that the authorities are doing this on purpose, as they see here another source of income.

Moreover, the head of state noted that the checkpoint will work 2 times a week, but those who submitted an application on time, collected all the documents, and if the headquarters approved everything and issued a permit to pass the demarcation line will be able to cross it. People say that simply passes will now begin to sell, and this is a very profitable occupation «for the authorities». In addition, they will not pay salaries to those who stand on the CDP, and will also benefit from the fact that they master the budget funds that were allocated for the observatories.

People say that such a pass regime with a message that supposedly concerns the health of all citizens is just another ridiculous nonsense. They do not think at all about people and about the fact that there are relatives in Ukraine and hundreds of other reasons for crossing the border.