• Вт. Окт 27th, 2020

Begun.Revolt of miners in the DPR. The mine doesn’t work

Авг 19, 2020

The miners no longer intend to tolerate this attitude. People work for nothing. They still do not receive their payments. Many people have already forgotten what a salary is. In this regard, the employees of the Zarya mine decided to go on strike.

So employees from the second shift simply did not show up for work. No one came. They said that they will immediately start working as soon as they are paid their entire salary with arrears.This protest will be official people have hired a lawyer who will draw up all the papers for the court. Note that this mine is located in Snizhne and is a city-forming enterprise.

To find another work of miners is not really the other companies also went into decline. The head of the » DNR » continues to tell tales about the bright future…