• Пн. Окт 26th, 2020

Akhmetov congratulated residents of Donetsk on the city Day

Авг 31, 2020

Donetsk is walking, so residents celebrate the city Day and the day of the miner. Akhmetov expressed his wishes personally to local residents and congratulated them on the holiday.

«I am proud to be born and live in the mining region. My father was also a miner. I am proud of this, because a miner is hard work, daily risk and dedication. Miners are heroes and fearless people.»

He added that all the miners are a special people for him, who show their heroism and strength. Akhmetov wished everyone peace and believes that it will come soon. He wished that the Donbass arena would be full again. He wished the miners optimism and, of course, good health to them and their families.