• Пн. Окт 26th, 2020

A crowd of protesters demolished the cordon of riot Police in Minsk-security forces began to run

Сен 1, 2020

A new video of the victory of protesters over security forces in Belarus has been published. Seeing the crowd of people, the riot police were forced to flee. A new video of Sunday’s protests in Minsk has been published, during which riot police tried to stop the protesters, but failed. The video was taken by an eyewitness on the camera of his mobile phone and published on the Internet, reports The telegram channel «Ukrainian Dialogue».

Riot police tried to stop the advance of the column of protesters, but the crowd was not afraid of the security forces and went straight at them.

The video was taken from the upper floors of the building and gives an idea of the proportion of protesters and riot Police, who were in a clear minority. People rushed forward, after which the security forces were forced to flee. Previously, The Dialog.UA reported that Putin called Lukashenka a few hours before the big March and arranged a meeting. We also wrote that Belarusian women took to the streets: more than 10 thousand people protested against Lukashenka.