• Чт. Окт 29th, 2020

8 advantages of a gas grill

Авг 19, 2020

Best choice for outdoor recreation

The prototype of all modern barbecues and grills is the grill. But the grill is a more advanced device for cooking outside. This is what makes it and the presence of barbecue grills and functional cover, and often more compact dimensions. In many models of the grill, the fuel source, as well as in the grill, is wood and coal. But in the line of models presented at the Grill Point store, there is a separate type of grill, where food is prepared using natural gas or propane-batane mixture coming from a balloon. This model is often purchased by catering companies, but gas grill is also a frequent guest on private land plots. Additionally, it can be equipped with wheels for mobility, folding side shelves for more convenient storage, or an electric spit.

Main advantage

  1. Quick warm-up. Unlike wood-burning and charcoal grills, the optimal temperature is reached several times faster. It’s as simple as lighting a home stove. The grill is equipped with a piezo-ignition system.
  2. very convenient gas grill for home make compact size due to the lack of a firebox and optimally convenient height of 85cm.
  3. Temperature indicator and adjustable burners simplify the cooking process.
  4. Shelf heating.
  5. The presence of the cover. The heat effect on food is carried out from both sides, which is why it is better and faster to prepare. The window in the lid is designed to control the cooking process.
  6. Care will facilitate the presence of a special container in which all the fat is drained during cooking. It is easy to remove and clean.
  7. The case is made of stainless steel that protects against corrosion for years to come.
  8. No smoke. It’s more a matter of comfort. When cooking, the smoke screen does not corrode the eyes, and the smell of the fire does not permeate the clothes.
    IMPORTANT. It should be borne in mind that working with gas-cylinder equipment requires skill and caution. Also, when using a gas grill for barbecue in the cold season, you must first warm the balloon at room temperature to raise the pressure in it.